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Yellow Jacket Wasp from the genera Vespu

 Residents of Hilton Head, Bluffton, Beaufort, and surrounding areas of the Lowcountry, you may have encountered these during a spring or fall day while raking the leaves or cutting the hedges and received a not so warm welcome. Yellow Jackets!!!!

The Eastern yellow jacket is a social hunter, feeding on a diet ranging from plant sugars and carbohydrates, to the protein of insects and meat. They typically build their nests under ground, but can be found in other places like stumps, hollow logs and even man made structures. Their nests are made of paper and can have up to 15,000 cells. 

Even though they are a small wasp, they can pack a wallop of a sting. Not because of their sting alone. Mainly because of their massive numbers. A single yellow jacket nest can house up to 5000 workers, ready and waiting to defend the colony at any sign of a threat. The yellow jacket sting poses a more serious threat to people than the sting of a bee. This is because the stinger of the yellow jacket is not barbed like that of the bee, allowing the yellow jacket to sting repeatedly, as it holds on to you. As with any stinging insect, it is possible to have a severe allergic reaction, and go into anaphylactic shock. If you should encounter a yellow jacket, or become victim of a sting(s), slowly walk away. DON'T swat or run. This will only provoke them to release an attack pheromone, which will bring more troops. Call Pinnacle Pest Solutions for your reinforcement.


          Perennial Yellow Jacket Nest 

          Ridgeland SC, November 2020


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