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eastern diamond back rattlesnake coiled

In South Carolina we have 38 native species of snake. Of these, only 6 are venomous. Many snakes are beneficial and play a very important role in our Lowcountry environment. They help control the population of rodents and other pests. Unfortunately many snakes are killed due to misidentification or because of fear.

In South Carolina some of the most commonly seen non-venomous snakes are:

  • Rat Snakes

  • Corn Snakes

  • Brown Snakes

  • Eastern Garter Snakes

  • Black Racers

  • Eastern King Snakes

  • Rough Green Snakes

  • Non-venomous Water Snakes

Our 6 venomous snakes are:

  • Copperhead Snakes

  • Coral Snakes

  • Pigmy Rattlesnakes

  • Cottonmouth Snakes

  • Timber Rattlesnakes

  • Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnakes 

Snakes should always be respected and only approached by someone who is trained in snake identification, handling and removal. 


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