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Residents of Hilton Head, Bluffton, Beaufort, and surrounding areas of the Lowcountry, have you ever thought about sharing your table with a rat or mouse. Nasty, right?

Rats and mice are commensal rodents. The word commensal means "sharing ones table." An appropriate term wouldn't you say? Rats and mice have been "sharing" people's food and shelter for years. Not only do they share it, rats and mice also attack our food. They do so when it is on the farm, in orchards, fields and livestock facilities; during processing, transport and storage; and even in our restaurants, grocery stores and homes. They also contaminate at least 20% of the worlds food with their urine, feces and hair. The worldwide loss of food to rodents is staggering. Experts estimate that each year, rats and mice destroy enough food to feed 200 million people.
Not to mention the potential health risks associated with the transmission of certain diseases which include Salmonella, Typhoid, Dysentery and various Hantaviruses.  
In our homes and businesses, rodents damage ceilings, doors, floors and walls by their gnawing and burrowing. Their gnawing on various utility pipes, and electrical wiring has resulted in equipment malfunctions, explosions, power shortages, indoor flooding and fires.
Should you find yourself in need of rodent control, or an inspection to ease your mind, Pinnacle Pest Solutions is here to help.

Program begins with:
A thorough Multi-Point Inspection of your home and property to identify any potential rodent problem(s), conducive conditions or entry points. Once your technician has completed the inspection you will be provided with an individualized exclusion and trapping program. For the success of the rodent program, the customer will need to follow the necessary protocols and make sure any and all sanitation instructions are followed.
How we do it:

Techniques may include the placement of hardware cloth over entry points (this may also include the use of steel wool and foam spray), the construction of crawl space doors, the removal of existing Rodent nests, replacement of foundation vents, cleaning of gutters and installation of door sweeps. In addition with responsible placement of professional rodent snap traps and or tamper resistant rodent bait stations. These tools are closely monitored on a scheduled basis, in order to provide maximum results in the shortest time possible. Includes removal of all accessible rodents. Once rodent activity has been determined to be at a controlled level, the rodent snap traps and or tamper resistant bait stations will be removed. However these tools can be left in place and service can be changed over to a continued rodent monitoring and treatment program.

What to expect:

All though we do try to achieve the maximum and swiftest results for our customers, which typically takes about a month, there are times when those results take a little longer depending on different environmental factors, colony size, sanitation and the overall condition of the structure itself, which may need extensive mechanical alterations.  If extensive mechanical alterations are needed, we will recommend that a professional repair contractor be hired.



Viral Infection

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Fire Hazard

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Rodent Control and Exclusion Program


Call us today for your consultation, or for any questions you​ may have regarding this service.

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