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Image by Stephane YAICH



Could THIS be living in My ear?!!
Will it lay its eggs in my brain? 
Rest easy friends. The answer is an emphatic NO!
"Earwig" is a variation of the European terms "ear worm" or 
"ear wiggler". 
Despite appearances, their menacing looking pincers are mostly used for grabbing on to small prey, and as a sort of show feather in mating. 
While ear wigs or " pincer bugs" 
CAN bite or pinch, they have no venom, and the bite might feel like a small tweezer pinch. So, though a bit unsettling, earwigs are absolutely harmless.
They also may benefit your garden by aiding in composting, and eating other more destructive pests , such as aphids. 
Should you find these creepy crawlers making their way into your home frequently , this is a good indication that you need regular pest control services. We would be glad to help you sleep better, knowing you, and your ears are pest free.

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