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Red Imported Fire Ants. AKA Fire ants.

In the 1930s the red imported fire ant was introduced to the united states through the seaport of Mobile Alabama by traveling in soil used as ballast on cargo ships. Since then they have continued their invasive march throughout most of the southern states such as, Hilton Head, Bluffton, Beaufort, and surrounding areas of the Lowcountry and gradually moving north and west, building their mounds of havoc.

Fire ants are certainly a health concern, with 2% of people that are stung going into anaphylactic shock. For most of us the sting of the fire ant only causes a raised, painful, white pustule welt. But rarely does a person get stung by just one fire ant. More often it's multiple fire ants defending their colony. Whether that colony is outside, and you've just disturbed the mound, or they have found their way inside your home and accidentally into your clothes or bedding. Either way, it's not good. Fire ants use pheromones to communicate. When distressed, others will come to the rescue - usually to the detriment of whom ever disturbed them. Whether that is a person or animal.

We don't take fire ants lightly and neither should you.


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